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Colonial Park Cemetary

The deep south is a mysterious place, with its hot humid summers and mild winters this land, has always attracted people to it.

Savannah the Hostess city of the south lives up to its name, it has seen its fair share of people coming and going from its port. Not to mention the city itself was built upon the dead, but I think that will be another story for another day.

The cemetery was stablished in 1750 and by is last burial there in 1853 it had grown to take a nice chuck of the city taking six acres bounded by East Oglethorpe Avenue (to the north), Habersham Street (east), East Perry Lane (south) and Abercorn Street (west).

The Cemetary is home to lots of ghost stories like Rene Rondolier a spirit of man seen walking the ground, but this story is sadly not true what is it true is that in 1983 a voodoo ritual was performed here where fair (warning here there was animal sacrifices), and since then the gates of the cemetery are now closed at night.

And for a cemetery containing 10,000 human remains only 531 head stones remain, all started on December 24 1864, the graveyard became a temporary home/hospital for Union soldiers under Gen. Sherman.

These soldiers damaged thousands of tombstones and made camp inside of family crypts;

Ever since you will occasionally see wondering spirits looking for their graves.

But did you honestly think those were all the bodies there? oh, did I mention the Umm close to 700 victims of savannah yellow fever plague of 1820, not to mention the 1854 out break that killed 1,040 but the worst of them all in 1876 it killed over 5,000 people. And where do you think the mass graves are at? I'll tell you all under your feet in Savannah.

So next time you are in Savannah GA sipping on that delicious wet willies overlooking the savannah river just think you are standing on dead bodies anywhere you go.

Good night.

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