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House Of Laments ( Casa De Los Lamentos)

I guess this is the ghost story that we will start with, after all this is the story, my blog is named after.

I think houses are the extension of whoever lives in them, they capture the essence of whoever lives there. Probably why a lot of them are hunted, but what does a house hold when it is a witness to a serial killer? does it hold all the emotions of both the victims or perpetrator or both?

The house of laments was built sometime the 18th century by the Marquess of San Clemente for his daughter.

Sometime between 1890-1900s the house was sold to Tadeo Fugencio Mejia and his wife Maria Constanza De La Rivera Olmedo. Sadly, their happiness would not last long as Maria was murdered during an aggravated assault.

This event sends Mejia in a dark quest to communicate with his late wife, where in his desperation contacted a witch, and she showed him dark rituals that involved human sacrifice of young men and women.

Sadly, we will never know how many victims Mejia had, as he committed suicide before he was capture, bones have been found in the mansion basement.

You can still hear the echo of his victims in the house hence the name of the house.

Today is a museum that you can take a ghostly tour, but tell me how far would you go to talk to a deceased loved one?

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