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Robert The Doll

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Dolls are creepy, from the blank stares to their fake little smirks and Robert is no exception to this rule.

Robert the Doll was manufactured in Germany 1904 and was given to Robert Eugene (Gene) Otto on his birthday by his grandfather in Key West Florida.

Little Robert who went by Gene was immediately in love with his doll, he took his doll with him everywhere and playing with it all the time.

Soon after the dolls arrival to their very nice home on 534 Eaton Street, the family started to experience strange occurrences.

Otto's parents would often hear their son playing and talking to his doll. and getting a response when they would go to ask Gene who was talking to, he would respond with Robert is.

Later when mishaps happened Gene would blame Robert and say he did it. His parents laughed off as childish play.

Soon they were reports by the staff and family of the doll giggling and running up the staircase.

When Gene was 10 years old, he woke up finding Robert looking at him, his parents heard a scream coming from Genes room, they couldn't open the door, once they were able to they found his room to be in shambles. Furniture upside down and moved across the room, while Gene was in a corner terrified, and the Doll sitting up a foot of the bed.

All Gene could say was "Robert did it."

In 1930 Gene marries his wife Anne in Paris, and after his parents die, he moves back home to Key West in his childhood home.

His wife Anne does not like the doll and does not like the fact that Gene still is unhealthy close to his doll, going so far as to give it a room upstairs overlooking the street.

The neighbors did not like the doll by the window and swore he would move in and out of sight.

Prompting Anne to convince Gene to move the doll into the attic.

Robert the doll however did not stay happily in the attic, he would often be found in his old room overlooking the street.

And when he was in the attic, he would be heard pacing back and forth and giggling.

Gene Otto died in 1974, leaving Robet the doll in the attic at the time of his death.

The next owners of the Artist house 10-year-old daughter found Robert and soon was a victim to his terrorism, she claimed he was trying to hurt her.

Today Robert lives in the Fort East Martello Museum where he still makes people uneasy.

None know how Robert became haunted or possessed some say that Robert was part of a dark Voodoo ritual by an angry servant, but no one knows truly what we do know is that Robert is a little creepy and he does not like been disrespected.

And with this my dear readers I your humble author bid you good night.

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