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The Greys (Zeta Reticulan)

The greys the most common and classic of all of the alien encounters, are the most commonly known for most people, but who or what are they and what do they want with us?

The Zeta Reticulan/Roswell Greys are a specie of extraterrestrial beings that are said to come from Zeta Reticulli II a double star cluster in the constellation of Reticulum, 39.3 light years away but it seems that thousands of years ago when they abandoned it.

Some never made it to this tiny floating rock as it said they were captured by the Orion Empire (another story for another day).

The Greys come in 3 sizes small, tall and taller.

The smaller of the 3 are 4-5 ft (1.21-1.52 m), they have thin frames, large heads and a grey skin stone, their eyes are large, black and bulbous.

The tall greys are about 6-8 ft (1.82-2.43 m), have large heads, thin bodies and range from white to dark grey skin tones, and have large black eyes that resemble a hybrid human-insect eye.

The taller of the greys stand between 9-12 ft (2.74-3.65m) they have a more humanoid muscular body, small black eyes, dark grey skin, their facial skin is said to be like crepe paper.

What is their agenda? I think their agenda is to save their own kind, stay with me but 73% of all abductions in the US are reported by the greys, the small ones are the most malicious, while the tall ones are mostly like drones following orders. With their technology at about 2000 years more advanced than ours, who truly know what they want with us, why do their experiment with us and said to be hybrids of humans and them.

Some of the most notable cases are the Hills case, the case of Antonio Boas in 1957 that truly was the first worldwide story.

But let's not be mistaken thinking that this phenomenon started after Roswell 1947 in fact the USA first recorded sighting was done on March 1,1639 by John Winthrop the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, he wrote the sighting in his personal journal.

Another notable pre 1947 sighting was the case of John Martin a Texas rancher in January 1878 he saw a flying object he could only described as a "flying saucer".

In the last few years, the US government has been slowly opening up to the fact that there are EBE (extraterrestrial biological entities) among us.

Are we helping them willingly or forced to help them?

I don't think the greys understand or care they are causing us harm when they treat us like cattle, much like we treat cattle they (the greys) are in fact incredibly intelligent but lack all emotion. Does this make them one could say evil? I think not.

We need to come to terms with the fact that we as a species are not on top of the food chain, there are stuff out there that we cannot understand yet.

And with this dear reader I leave you, good night.

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