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Enfield Poltergeist

The Enfield poltergeist is a case of a supernatural activity in Enfield a suburb of London, England between 1977 and 1979.

This case is a big question mark some people are dead set it's a hoax, while others fall in the side of yeah this totally happen.

Background on the family, it was Peggy a single mom of 4 kids.

the kids were Margarete (13),

Janet (11) Johnny (10) and Billy (7).

it all stared small the escalated-on August 30,1977 Janet and Billy complained to her mother that their beds would move at night, Peggy thinking it was just vivid imagination ignored the children.

The next night, the kids complained again to Peggy went to investigate, she found Margaret and Janet cowering in the corner of their bedroom. “We [told our mom] the chest of drawers was moving toward the bedroom door,” Janet said. “She said, ‘Oh don’t be silly.'”

But the chest then slid across the room. “I just couldn’t believe it,” Peggy said. “In fact, I pushed it back twice, and a third time I couldn’t move it.”

Then the knocking started threw out the house Peggy and the children were so freaked out, they run to a neighbor's house, from there the police were called. When the police were called, they also heard the knocking, and even experience a chair move on its own, without finding out, how it moved on its own.

Soon the media got involved and thanks to them been involved, the family got help from the Society for Physical Research (SPR).

Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair both members of SPR reported "curious whistling and barking noises coming from Janet's general direction."

Although Playfair maintained the paranormal activity was genuine.

Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, also visited the Enfield house in 1978 and were convinced that the events had a supernatural explanation.

While there were reports of the girls faking a lot of the stuff there was also a lot of unexplained activity been witness by the media, neighbors, and even police officers.

There were also some reports of Janet speaking on a deep guttural voice claiming to be Bill a man who lived and died in that house before the family moved in, however these reports are said to be Janet faking everything still some people believe in the child claims.

A 2016 article by psychology professor Chris French in Time Out magazine described five reasons why he believed the case to have been a hoax. The reasons were:

  • The two sisters involved admitting hoaxing some of the activity.

  • The photo of Janet levitating above her bed could just as easily be explained as Janet jumping.

  • The "spirit" of an old man who supposedly possessed Janet took a great deal of interest in menstruation.

  • Eyewitnesses are notoriously unreliable.

  • Other schoolgirl pranks before and after having gotten out of hand ...

Dear reader what do you think about this story do you think it was all a hoax or it had a grain of truth?

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