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Sorrel–Weed House

Ah the great city of Savannah a lovely city, full of beautiful architecture from the 17-19th century, and full of dead bodies and ghost.

The Sorrel-Weed house or the pumpkin house as it's called by the locals is one of those houses that not only is it beautiful, it's also beautifully haunted.

This gorgeous house was built in 1835 for Francis Sorrel a French Haitian wealthy merchant and his first wife Lucinda however she died shortly after their wedding day, and guess what this rich man did?

You guessed it he married his late wife's younger sister Matilda.

Matilda herself suffered from depression episodes so often she would be too sad to leave the house, however when she was not depressed the couple hosted elaborate parties, where they would invite all the predominant families of Savannah.

They had 8 heathy boys, they also had a little army of only female slaves, from Haiti Mr. Sorrel did not want any male slaves in his house. One of those boys was Moxley Sorrel a was a staff officer and Brigadier General in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States.

Francis was a businessman that made his money from slavery itself and other business, he liked to drink.

On Matildas 11th pregnancy she had already lost a baby plus a miscarriage, she had a very hard labor to much so she almost died however her baby girl did not made it, this made Matilda go into a horrible depression which made her withdraw from the public and even her husband.

Her husband however was not phased at all by this as he was having a sexual "relationship" more like with one of his slave girls Molly who was 18-19 by then,

Now it is not known what exactly happen, but we do know that Matilda found out about the affair of her husband with the slave girl, that she in her grief committed suicide my throwing herself from the second-floor balcony, breaking her neck.

It is said that Molly was so ridden by guilt/sadness that her beloved mistresses Matilda had killed herself that a week later she was found hung in the slave quarters.

Now let's back up a bit and deal with the elephant in the story, number one it was pretty unlikely that Molly had a consensual sexual relationship with Francis to begin with for one he was twice her age if not older and two he was her slave master he was possibly raping her. And second Francis was a very wealthy man in a community where this type of scandal was dealt quietly so it would have been easier for Francis to murder the girl and made it look like a suicide to explain anything.

Now that's just 2 of the ghosts been seen in this home now lates talk about the land where this house is located, this house is located in Madison square named after the 4th president of the United States James Madison, this area was a battle ground during the fight for independence where the British resistance fighters died, and the British not wanted to give the soldiers a proper burial they just buried the bodies where they laid in 2-3 feet deep.

It's even reported that when the broke found for the Sorell-weed house the builders found some bodies.

Now the basement is said to be haunted by a very dark entity some call it the dark man others call it a demon, others think it's a spirit brought by voodoo that the slave women practice whatever it is we will never know.

So once again my dear reader we find each other at the end of this tiny snipped of the dark history of Savannah GA ... and with that I Bid you good night.

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