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Man In Black

Man in Black

The man in black or MIB are an interesting phenomenon, said to appear just after some supernatural occurrence like a visitation of BEK (black eyed kids) or the witnessing of a UFO (unidentified flying object).

UFO conspiracy theories say thar they are some sort of government agents mostly men but there have been reports of women, that wear black suits they are said to interrogate, harass, threaten and in some sources, they do memory wipe (seems straight out of the movie on that one) and even allegedly assassinate UFO witness to keep them silent on what they have seen.

Ufologists claim to have encounters with these agents, especially in the 1950-1960s, ufologist adopted this conspiracy that if they talked too much about UFOs, they would be intimidation from these men.

Harold Dahl claimed that a man in a black/dark suit warned him not to discuss his alleged UFO sighting on Maury this was in 1947. Then Albert K. Bender claimed he was visited by men in black suits who threated and warned him not to continue his investigation.

John Keel also claimed to have had encounters with MIB he referred them as "demonic supernatural's."

However not everyone agrees with these claims about these people that's if they are people exist.

Folklorist James R Lewis compare the accounts of men in black to the tales of people encountering Satan and that's some sort of "psychological trauma".

Meanwhile historian Aaron Gulyas wrote about this phenomenon as " During the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. UFO conspiracy theorist would the MIB into their increasingly complex and paranoid visions."

They have been around after a BEK or the sighting of cryptids like Moth man in fact they are notorious for been seen after a month man sighting.

I think reader they are just are just as mysterious as the UFOs they try to keep hiding, I wonder how they feel about the constant debriefing about UAPs in the last few years?

We might never know if they are real or not unless you try to find out for yourself that is I guess? well I suppose I'll leave you that to wonder about.

Good Night ...

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